Smarter data people build analytics capability through soft skills. 

Data scientists, decision scientists, analytics professionals, all of them prosper and flourish when they

  • work across organisational boundaries (down with silos!)
  • understand the business context and know what’s most important (yes, work on that important thing first!) so they know what to say yes to 
  • say no to the other stuff, so it feels like a yes (keep stakeholders happier: partners not adversaries). 
  • harness curiosity, ask great questions, listen with interest to find the right problems to solve

Building analytics capability has an entry price – brilliant technical minds with excellent skills in the technical. 

And the smartest data people have more than that.

Cindy Tonkin has been working with leaders in data science and analytics since 2003 to help them (and their teams) work smarter, faster and nicer. 

In this podcast, smarterdatapeople, Cindy interviews leaders in the analytics space about the real world ways that they work smarter, faster and nicer to build analytics capability in their teams.

We talk about what makes a smarter data person. 

If you’d like a team which is:

  • easier to manage 
  • works more effectively
  • makes you proud

Talk to Cindy now about how you can build analytics capability. Step 1 is a ten-minute call to find out if what she does gels with what you need. Book a time that suits you 

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